Das da oben sind Sonnenblumenkerne, die der chinesische Künstler Ai Weiwei in der Tate Modern in England verteilt hat. Es sind ungefähr 100 Millionen Stück. Nichts besonderes?

Die Teile sind aus Porzellan. Und jedes einzelne Samenkorn davon ist von ihm und seinen Praktikanten handbemalt worden.

as the eleventh commission in the tate modern‘s unilever series, chinese conceptual artist ai weiwei
has filled the museum’s turbine hall with millions of life-sized sunflower seed husks made out of
porcelain. the collective effort of a number of specialists from jingdezhen, china, the hand-crafted
seeds were individually formed and painted. the installation encourages visitors to touch and walk
on the carpet of tiny replicates.

ai weiwei has manipulated the traditional methods of crafting porcelain, which has historically been
considered to be one of china’s most prized exports, to explore the ‘made in china’ phenomenon and
the geo-politics of cultural and economic exchange today.