(by Fridi)

one day there was a girl
it lived happily together with her grannie
in a nice old comfy house

her grannie was not normal
she was a piano

and every day the girl had to play for an hour so that the piano woul let her take some food out o it
usually she got carrots

(that explains her good eyes)
but some day
a crazy (really freaked out) person came to that house
(no names…)^^

this huge mean man went up to that girl and….

stole her imaginary teddy bear

then he took an axe

destroyed the piano cos he had a childhood trauma of being forced to play piano
and then turned into a frog cos the curse that had been put on him was lifted when he killed the nice old grannie of the girl

at th end the girl took the frog and tossed it evry day against the wall in hope to get back the evil man so that she could bring him to court
but it didn’t work out….
so since generations her family now has this little cutie frog with them
and it’s thrown against the wall evry single day

~the end~